Minimum 30 persons catering but please feel free to discuss if you have less guests for your special arrangments.
Fresh, fast, easy and delicious.
We will make your catering day stress free.
Complete the enquiry form details alongside to receive a prompt response.
can be negotiated upon request
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Our Popular Dishes
Lamb/Pork Roast Spit
Roast Pork
Roast Lamb
Barbeque Chicken
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Full Catering Services
If you prefer a full catering service with Buffet setup, cooking BBQ, meat carving and salad selection we excel in this. We can offer vegetarian and gluten free options.
Customising Our Packages
We cater for a minimum of 40 people but we can customise packages to suit smaller intimate functions and dinner parties.
BBQ & Spit Roast Hire
If you prefer to tend your own barbecue, we offer full Motorised Spit Roast BBQs. For larger events you may wish to try our new Dual Spit Roast .
"Perfect for Birthday’s, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries and Corporate Events we can include barbecue, spit roast, buffet or gourmet grazing boards."

Catering for all dietary requirements. Tailor made to suit your needs.

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What We Offer You!
  1. Fresh and seasonal local produce.
  2. Fantastic value for quality gourmet food.
  1. Fuss free catering
  2. Mouth watering choice of gourmet food from our menu.
  1. Many years of experience in the food and the hospitality industry.
  2. We stand by our Motto "WE AIM TO PLEASE".
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Barbeque, Spit Roast & Kebabs
Perfect for BBQ's, Birthday's, Engagement's, Wedding's, Anniversaries, all Social and Corporate Events
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Finest selection of South Australia Oysters
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Cheese Board
Specialty cheeses, fruits, nuts, an array of charcuterie meats, olives, quality dips and pastries
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Seasonal Fruit Platter
Salad Selection
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All Dietary Requirements Tailor Made To Suit You.
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George!!!! The man, the myth, the legend! Thank you soooo much for last night. You guys were beyond amazing! You went above and beyond. The service, the kindness, the salads, the fruit platters and THAT meat was just INCREDIBLE!! Cheers Rachelle

What Our Customers Say

"What can I say but superb.
The food was prepared, cooked and presented to perfection . If you are an aficionado of Salt and pepper squid you must try, simply delightful. Salads, the ingredients were clearly sourced from speciality grocery supplier super fresh and imaginatively combined to tantalise the taste buds. Cheese, my weakness. what a choice, too many to list, simply delightful.
Personally I just love the odours of food prepared over Charcoal. Thank you MEZE ANYTIME and anytime is a good time for meze. "

Andrew Stevens

"Highly recommended for parties, big and small events! Yummy homemade and healthy food 🤗👏🏻❤️ "

Elena Kornienko